Arsis United in Regret

After 2004’s debut A Celebration of Guilt resuscitated the wearys faith in death metal’s ability to be reinvigorated by visionaries, the 2005 EP, A Diamond for Disease, left fans reeling from the teasing nature of this release. After much anticipation, the deadly duo known as Arsis have fulfilled the promise of the hype and delivered yet another impeccable album saturated with tantalising hooks, devastating beats and fret board sorcery. James Malone’s ability to shred his way through legitimate song structures, maintaining a fine balance between styles both new and old, is nothing short of awe inspiring. While consistently thrashing, there is an increased amount of slower moments, adding a fresh dynamic while still tearing listeners plenty of new, unmentionable orifices. Lyrically, betrayal, bitterness and vanity are still prevalent themes, constituting songs for the abandoned, hymns for the damned. This sort of conceptual continuity is extremely endearing, establishing a strong backbone to the professed pain. One of this generation’s biggest and brightest, Arsis have triumphed over the legend of a sophomore curse and proved exactly why they’re worthy of all those opulent accolades. (Willowtip)