Starve For The Devil

BY Keith CarmanPublished Feb 8, 2010

As with their previous three full-lengths, American death metal mavens Arsis tear the genre a new one thanks to uncompromising songs full of mind-blowing riffs, aggressive pacing and a keen eye directed towards crafting songs, as opposed to just running through riffs. A wild combination of death metal's weighty core wrapped with thrash metal expedience, blackened atmosphere and even a touch of power metal bravado to give the album hints of showiness, Starve For The Devil is engaging. Unfortunately, there are elements that tend to detract from the overall experience, such as clinical, triggered drum tracks that hinder the human performance element. But when held up against such impressive overall work and a general sense of internal toil, cyclonic energy and hostility, it can be forgiven.
(Nuclear Blast)

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