Architects "You’ll Find Safety”

Architects 'You’ll Find Safety”
I caught wind of the Architects sometime last year and was pleasantly surprised. When I checked back to see what they’ve been up to I heard their newest track, "You’ll Find Safety,” which sold me. The song features insanely quick and accurate drumming, singing coupled with growling croons and of course, razor-wire guitar riffs. It’s a sick track that, hopefully, is representative of their upcoming CD.

These young lads (with an average age of 18) are scheduled to drop their new disc, Ruin, on June 25 on United By Fate. Having been together since 2004, Architects (guitarists Tim Hillier-Brook and Tom Searle, drummer Dan Searle, bassist Ali Dean and vocalist Sam Carter) have built up credibility playing with the likes of Nile, God Forbid, Napalm Death, Johnny Truant and Beecher. They are slated to play shows all summer long, regrettably all the dates are in the land of bangers and mash. Check out their MySpace page for dates, tracks and info.