Archie Bronson Outfit "In White Relief" (video)

Archie Bronson Outfit 'In White Relief' (video)
English rockers Archie Bronson Outfit put the Wild Crush on us earlier this year with their album of the same name, and now the band are keeping things wacky and romantic with a cut-and-paste video clip for the album's "In White Relief."

Directed by Alice Cohen (Maria Minerva, Majical Cloudz), the video takes on a vintage Terry Gilliam feel via decoupage landscapes rich with floating Grecian busts, car crashes, giddy peeping tom scenes and sax-scored, intergalactic dance parties.

Budgies, see-through hospital patients and rocket ships are likewise abound in the non-sequitur-fuelled clip, and you can see the visually rich accompaniment to Archie Bronson Outfit's rag-tag jangler down below.