Arcade Fire Plotting New Album for 2013

Arcade Fire Plotting New Album for 2013
We're still a ways off from learning the proper details to Arcade Fire's follow-up to the monstrously successful 2010 LP The Suburbs, but a new interview with drummer Jeremy Gara has revealed that the band have at least started preliminary work on the platter.

As Arcade Fire Tube points out, Gara recently spoke with Ottawa's CKCU 93.1 FM, for whom he used to DJ, noting that the writing and recording process has already begun for the band's fourth full-length. He also noted they've been recording in an undisclosed spot that collaborator Owen Pallett had previously worked at.

"We are just working like we always have," Gara said of getting back into the swing of things. "We took a couple months off and we've been writing songs. Now we're in the studio pretty much full time just doing what we do. And we kind of shut the door. We haven't really gone out and done anything in over a year now. We haven't done photos or interviews or anything. We're just working on music and growing beards and living at home a lot and going out to dinner together."

While it's good news for fans that Arcade Fire are plotting out their next LP, Gara added that despite working on songs for the last couple of months, they're still pretty early in the process. It will likely be a while before we actually hear any new tunes out of the celebrated indie rock crew.

"We are under no pressure from record labels or management or whatever to do anything on any sort of schedule," he said. "We're just working. We have no deadlines. It's kind of coming along."

He did, however, add that the "goal is to work through Christmas, get something finished in the spring" and hinted at a late 2013 due date.

You can listen to the whole interview, which also has Gara prophesying a big Polaris Music Prize win for his ex-roommate's band METZ next year, down below.