Arcade Fire, Morrissey, Death Cab for Cutie Grossly Toasted by Garbage Pail Kids

Arcade Fire, Morrissey, Death Cab for Cutie Grossly Toasted by Garbage Pail Kids
Musical acts including Arcade Fire, Morrissey and Death Cab for Cutie have been bestowed with one of the highest and most disgusting pop culture honours possible: they've all received their very own Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards.

As Future Heart points out, 10 musical acts are currently being celebrated with parody stickers as part of this year's American As Apple Pie series. Keeping on-brand with decades' worth of vomitous gags, the "Best of the Fest" stickers present distorted likenesses of several singers and bands under pretty gross circumstances. In a long-standing tradition, each caricature is presented under two different names.

The pun-ful entry saluting Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire finds the cartoon version of the group, here called "Arcade Fired," being electrocuted by a nuclear videogame called "Adam Bomb," this being a reference to a vintage, first series Garbage Pail Kids card. The alternate edition for the image goes by the name of "Lose Butler." Get it?

Elsewhere, Garbage Pail Kids lampoon famously animal rights-driven crooner Morrissey and onetime Smiths frontman by surrounding him with anthropomorphic strips of bacon and googly-eyed burgers. He's listed as "Meaty Morrissey" on one sticker card and "Sacrilege Smith" in the other.

A Death Cab for Cutie parody finds frontman Ben Gibbard being dragged by a moving taxi and arrives under the names "Bashed Ben" and "Death Cab for Frontman." Chubby caricatures of Radiohead get beaned by — get this — radios for the "Radio Dead" and "Tortured Thom" cards.

The other acts being both toasted and roasted by the Garbage Pail Kids gang include the Roots, Beck, Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Cure, and Dead and Company.

You can buy the stickers in act-specific sets for $9.99 USD through the Garbage Pail Kids website, or as the full set of 20 parodies for $49.99. More info on the cards can be found here, while you can peep some of the gag cards down below.