Arcade Fire "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Rebellion (Lies)" (live at SappyFest) (video)

Arcade Fire 'Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Rebellion (Lies)' (live at SappyFest) (video)
Last night (July 29), SappyFest attendees got quite the treat. Under the alias of Shark Attack!," beloved Montreal rock collective Arcade Fire made a surprise appearance at the Sackville, NB festival.

Luckily, Exclaim! was at the show and you can catch a performance of the band's "Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out) / Rebellion (Lies)" below.

Needless to say, Arcade Fire have got this year's SappyFest off to a stellar start, making us more than a little pumped about what's to come. Watch out for our full review of the fest and get a glimpse of Arcade Fire's surprise show below courtesy of Exclaim! contributor Sandi Rankaduwa.