Antiseen Eat More Possum

Another dusty gem from the TKO Vault of Antiseen series. This classic piece of destructo-rock originally came out in 1993 and quickly went out of print. A re-release a couple years back on Man's Ruin was all for naught when that label went under. So now the fans and the curious alike can enjoy 30 minutes of the South's most notorious stompers at their finest with this reissue. Bloody, dirty and so un-PC they'll make those trendy redneck wannabes blush, the Antiseen are a one-of-a-kind outfit. The thing about this band is that even though they're harsh, they still write songs that stick in your head. The opening cover of the Ramones "Today Your Love" is clearly no accident as they want you to have their music staying with you after the record is finished. If you're looking for a good starting point in the Antiseen discography, this would be it. (TKO)