Anonymous Twist Eugenics

With a fair bit of internet success, Toronto, ON's Anonymous Twist drops his independently released debut, Eugenics. It is a solid release that may not blow you away in terms of any one particular aspect, but combine them into a total package and the results are very good. What makes it even more impressive is that all the rhymes, cuts and production were performed by Twist. Unfortunately the beats are the low point of the album, often lacking any boom bap bass or change ups in the beats, causing the album to lack any overall energy. And considering that Anonymous Twist spends most of his time on battle rhymes, harder beats would have been better suited to prove his point. Still, the beats succeed along with the lyrical content on "Bombing," "Mufukawhut (remix)" and the approved "Runnin' Up On Ya." And even when the beats don't necessarily match, Twist still comes with some hardcore battle rhymes that demonstrate an old school knack for bragging and dissing. Twist also impresses with the scratches he adds to the songs. Almost every song includes adept cutting that brings to mind the old school albums that placed as much importance on the DJ as the MC. In fact, Anonymous Twist's Eugenics is a perfect nod to the old school, but using the techniques of today. (Chaim Lightening)