Anna Rose "Bury Me Deep"

Anna Rose 'Bury Me Deep'
Anna Rose is getting ready to release her latest EP Strays in the Cut later this year, but before it arrives, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive first listen to the new single "Bury Me Deep."
The New York-based singer identifies strongly as a songwriter, album artist and storyteller, and on the upcoming record, she uses elements like omnichord, edgy guitars and her own powerful vocal delivery to help paint a sonic picture that listeners can get lost in.
"I gave myself more freedom to push my ability as a writer and artist," she said in a statement about the new material.

You can hear that freedom come to fruition on the melodic, melancholic rocker "Bury Me Deep." Echoing vocal harmonies mix with steady percussion, staggered guitars and tastefully administered electronic effects to bring the moody song to life.
If you want to experience Rose's music in a live setting, she'll be playing Toronto for a Canadian Music Week gig on May 3. You can find her full upcoming tour itinerary here.
Strays in the Cut is expected out on White Pony/Noble Steed, while "Bury Me Deep" will hit iTunes tomorrow (April 29). Right now, though, give the brand new track a spin in the player below.