Animal Collective 'Flower Garden Banks' (video)

Animal Collective 'Flower Garden Banks' (video)
It's a good day to be an Animal Collective fan. Not only did Panda Bear just roll out his Swallow at the Hollow soundscape, but the band have shared 24 minutes of new music along with an accompanying scuba video. The project is called Flower Garden Banks.

The music is all improvised and it was captured at the group's first practice of 2015, which featured Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist (but not Deakin). The recording consists of abstract electronic textures, with minimal percussive thumps anchoring blips, bloops, static, and all sorts of freaky sonic experimentation. In terms of their output, this is definitely on the more avant-garde side of things. The musical piece is titled "Michael, Remember (Jam May 12, 2015)."

The accompanying scuba video was filmed by Colin Foord in the Gulf of Mexico's Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in July 2014. Geologist and Deakin were both on the scuba expedition in question, and they helped with camera work and lighting.

Check it out below. Animal Collective wrote on Instagram that they recommend that viewers "Turn off the lights and watch on as big a screen as possible."

Meanwhile, Animal Collective apparently have a new album in the can, so we will likely be hearing more from them soon.

'Flower Garden Banks' from Coral Morphologic on Vimeo.