Ania Ziemirska I Was the Girl

Toronto, ON singer-songwriter Ania Ziemirska is a less polished and more sedate version of Martha Wainwright meets Ani Difranco. She wisely begins her six-track EP with the cut that features her catchiest chorus line, "Ditched Romance." Following in its heels, "Fade Away" is a gentle ballad that, for better or worse, switches into '90s pop mode, while "Giving Love a Try" is a toe tapping number with a slight country nuance. The title track shifts rhythms so unexpectedly it can be off-putting, although the rhythmic whiplash might be a breath of fresh air. Although Ziemirska doesn't quite build, as much as ride, on the wave of countless female singer-songwriters of the '90s, "Lakeside Reels," the most compelling track on this middle-of-the-road EP, offers some indication that she is closing in on her own sound and holds promise that, as she forges ahead, producing more material, she'll find her place. (Independent)