Angel Haze "Initiation"

Angel Haze 'Initiation'
Angel Haze hasn't offered much info behind her impending debut LP Dirty Gold, but the blog-hyped rapper has just revealed a new track called "Initiation" that apparently won't make the tracklisting.

She announced the track on Twitter and was apparently somewhat hesitant with her leak, writing, "I'm probably gonna get killed for what I'm about to do. But who cares? One life, right."

The sparse song structure revolves around dark and stormy synth waves and deceptively smooth-sung vocals, but Haze does drop a relationship-centred verse that name checks Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams." You can sample the codeine-kissed song down below.

While details have yet to be unveiled in full, Haze also tweeted that she put the finishing touches on Dirty Gold two weeks ago.