Andy Creeggan Andiwork II

Taking a break from his stint as one half of the Brothers Creeggan, Andy Creeggan has composed a wonderfully textured instrumental album that is as lively as it is introspective. A collection of both prepared and improvised ambient pieces, Andiwork II draws from classical, jazz, world music, baroque, and even period film scores for its unique sound. The dreamy rhythms of "Attendance” soon give way to the suspenseful plodding of "Lullaby,” which is itself followed by the cartoon chase scene that is "Prelude.” Creeggan’s playfulness here has a familial bent to it, as brother Jim knowingly plucks a sly bass on jazz romps like "Izzy” and "Foups.” Their father John also gets in on the action with an amusing discussion with Andy during the session to capture the elder Creeggan’s voice for "Green.” Far from irreverent though, this is an accomplished effort for Andy Creeggan who continues to boldly expand his musical horizons and inventively fulfil his artistic vision. (Bongo Beat)