Andrew W.K. vs. Valentine's Day

Andrew W.K. vs. Valentine's Day
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Alright. So this is admittedly insanely too long. In my mind, it's kind of like the final chapter of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72, which is pretty much unreadable but at least paints an honest portrait of its subject. Andrew W.K. isn't quite George McGovern, but the sentiment is the same. Or maybe it isn't. Or maybe it is. Think about that one. I just did and it blew my fucking mind.

Of the sixteen Exclaim!TV episodes thus far, this took the longest to edit. By far. Very, very far. It was a beast. I spent hours trying to make it work in easily digestible three-minute YouTube format, but it just didn't want to go along with my plans for tightly-editted hilarity. Everything (that I think is) funny about this interview seems to take ten minutes to develop, and I happen to think it's worth slogging through all 27-ish minutes to reach the conclusion, which is probably the most stirring argument for the oft-maligned "St. Valentine's Day" you'll ever hear.

In case it isn't obvious, this was an awesome interview to take part in. Andrew W.K. is probably the sweetest dude ever, and having Justin Taylor from Junior Battles along for the ride made things that much more fun. Plus, my girlfriend was filming. And after we finished the interview, Andrew made her brother a birthday valentine. 'Cause he was born on Valentine's Day. Which is so romantic.

As for Andrew's set that night, it was probably the raddest event I've ever been a part of. Just him, a keyboard, and about half the crowd on the stage at any given time, it was the embodiment of positivity that Andrew W.K. (the man, the project, the party) is.

Long live the party.

Due to the beastly and utterly complete nature of this video, Wednesday's video will less beastly and probably more devoid of substance. There's just nothing left to say.

Andrew W.K. "Party Hard"