Andrew W.K., Matt & Kim and Soulja Boy "I'm a Goner"

Andrew W.K., Matt & Kim and Soulja Boy 'I'm a Goner'
Once again, Converse has done that thing where the shoemakers have paired up a string of artists you would never imagine collaborating together, ever. This time, we have Matt & Kim, Andrew W.K. and, um, Soulja Boy joining forces for a track called "I'm a Goner."

In a statement, Matt & Kim's Matt Johnson had this to say about the song, "When Kim and I sat down to write 'I'm a Goner', we knew we wanted to make a song people can party to. Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K.'s lyrics and energy bring a whole new element to the song that we couldn't be more excited about."

If you want to hear this monstrosity, head here to grab a stream and/or download.

A video for "I'm a Goner" is set to premiere on August 21.