Andrew W.K. Andrew W.K. - Who Knows?

Though he made a run for it at the turn of the millennium by flogging arena-ready, bubblegum power metal, Andrew W.K. is truly in a world of his own that is completely alien to everyone else. This documentary/concert film is an all-inclusive examination of the longhaired, fist-punching rocker that showcases his thunderous music and inimitable vision. Narrated by the sweaty man in (dirty) white himself, W.K. drenches his story in a dramatic tone that is so ridiculous it makes you love the guy even more, that is, if you don't already hate his guts. With slow-mo voiceovers, avant-garde sequences that resemble a creepy J-horror flick, highlights from his raucous shows and even a few moments where he seems like a normal human being, Who Knows? is a complete account of one of the most bizarre characters in popular music. (MVD,