Andrew McPherson + Deliveryboy Metropolis re:Scored

In August 2007, commissioned by Yonge-Dundas Square, Andrew McPherson and Deliveryboy of Guelph, ON world/electro hybrids Eccodek composed and recorded a brand new score for Fritz Lang's 1927 landmark silent film Metropolis, with the intention of performing it live for Toronto audiences. Although the score has be re-imagined by numerous artists before, the duo add a Canadian slant, as pieces like "Freder's Office" and "Robot Dance" channel the spirit of '80s Vancouver industrialists Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. McPherson and Deliveryboy manage to precisely convey Metropolis's urban dystopia, pushing utilitarian, highly industrialized electronics in a way that never comes off nostalgic. On numbers like "Revenge," the soul of McPherson's piano melody battles Deliveryboy's drum mechanics as pieces start to become increasingly warm and humanlike, echoing the film's climatic zenith. The idea behind Metropolis re:Scored may not be unique, but everything ― from the approach to delivery ― contains more fresh ideas than most blog-favourite indie bands of the moment. (Independent)