Andrew Duke Physical and Mental Health

The latest work from the man behind the East Coast electronic music scene, Andrew Duke's Physical and Mental Health is an experimental, a-structural, electro-acoustic recording that features a mixture of raw and processed field recordings along with abstract sound generation. Compared to the earlier, more rhythmic Spring has Sprung, this CD is definitely more experimental. It seems that Duke displays a different facet of his skill with every release. The opening track, "HRM H2O," refers to the dumping of untreated sewage into Halifax harbour, rendering this natural treasure a cesspool. The last track, "Pulled Through The Eye Of The Needle," which clocks in at just over 18 minutes, is a reworking of an earlier piece that sounds like a power dam on the fritz, just barely holding back a massive flood of water. All these pieces seem perfectly suited for the soundtrack of a science or nature documentary. It is enjoyable to listen to the work of an artist who keeps his music varied and fresh, Physical... is unique and conveys an important message. (Dial)