Anatomy of Habit "Radiate and Recede"

Anatomy of Habit 'Radiate and Recede'
Comprising members of varied projects like the Sea and Cake, Joan of Arc, Indian and Wolves in the Throne Room, conceptual Chicago noise rock collective Anatomy of Habit are about to smash all expectations via the release of their upcoming Cipher + Axioms LP. Ahead of the album's November 10 street date through Relapse Records, the outfit are streaming a good chunk of eclecticism via the unveiling of the 20-minute "Radiate and Recede."

It starts off with a greyed-out death rock arrangement of grim guitars, slim hi-hat work and gloomy ejaculations on "unnatural responses." The track ebbs and flows between dour and distorted noise passages into skull-slamming metal and back into the quieter, though no less disturbing moments.

It's an intense listen, and a world away from what you'd expect out of Tortoise/Sea and Cake drummer John McEntire, but you can check out the monolithic new number down below.