Anaphylactic Shock Two Thousand Years

Not since Cursed have a band so fully entrenched in the modern hardcore scene effectively amalgamated their various sub-genres perfectly into a finished product that is distinctive and disturbingly enthralling. Even more outrageous though is the infusion of black metal into this already furious effort. Based on lumbering drum beats that create a massive, imposing atmosphere, layered with grinding guitar dirge and featuring bellowing that’s equal parts Satyricon and Roger Miret, the nine tracks in 35 minutes of Two Thousand Years elicit comparisons to the chaotic rumbling of black metal and the brutal thickness of early Entombed while still factoring in odd time signatures and melodic breakdowns that characterise much of modern hardcore. If the line between black metal and Converge was even remotely distinguishable before, consider it obliterated with one fell swoop of Anaphylactic Shock’s thunderous instruments, apocalyptic visions and demonic prowess. (Hypertension)