Anandan/Wiens/Goldstein Speaking In Tongues

This is a confluence of artists from jazz, contemporary and Indian classical backgrounds. The liner notes describe the similarities between the disciplines: a devotion to rigorous practice, a mastery of all the tonal possibilities of an instrument and a willingness to experiment. Anandan, on various drums, and Wiens, on prepared guitar, play percussive roles while Goldstein will most likely establish the lead voice then quickly shred it while trying to find common ground with the other two. However, everyone gets in on the melodic and rhythmic content — there is no better example than the percolating "Twenty Fingers," which starts the album, where no one is the clear leader and all sounds seem to be part of some grand rhythm and harmonic matrix. Wiens also complements bowed violin passages with his guitar preparations to make for smoother sounds to impart glossier textures. (Ambiances Magnétiques)