Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge Ao Vivo

Renowned Brazilian singers Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge, each celebrating career highpoints both at home and internationally, teamed up late last year in São Paulo to record this interesting live CD/DVD set showcasing the unexpected breadth of their diverse talents working in unison. While the thick-voiced Ana Carolina has long been respected as a killer musician, the setting, which sees the pair working completely alone on stage for most of the show, was far more of a stretch for Seu Jorge, who’s more at home backed by a group of percussionists than sitting alone with a solitary guitar. To that end, the baritone sambista shows just how far he’s come as an artist, handily tackling bass, classical guitar and even clarinet as the two take turns leading not only through their own established hits but also through previously unrecorded cuts inspired by recent events. The generally ballad-oriented Ana Carolina, though perhaps not the most enticing vocalist, shines with a sick bass lick on the duo’s version of Djavan’s "Tanta Saudade,” while a much more playful Jorge balances social commentary with positive vibrations on former partner Gabriel Moura’s "Brasis.” With a tune by Damien Rice, another by Gainsbourg and a drunken samba encounter thrown in for good measure, the two ensure that no one goes home unsatisfied. (Fusion III)