Ampbuzz This Is My Ampbuzz

Chris Ametin, best known for his participation in the group Kinski, explores the extremes in a no holds barred fashion. This "solo" effort portrays an alternate universe of sound to his regular output and is everything one would hope from a trance-inducing listening experience. Delays are set on maximum, contrasts of tones are emphasised and vistas of embryonic keyboards are put on display with no subliminal nervousness. It is possible that this album can be thought of as being linear and conceptual; it is as if one if taken on a tour of an electrical plant where machinery is romanticised and the concept of power is looked upon in awe. This album also acts like a compilation of the best examples of what ambient music can offer: pieces of noise, symphonies of emotions and psychological profiles of the inner mind. Choice listening. (Strange Attractors)