American Head Charge The War of Art

The War of Art is exactly the kind of record that one would imagine coming from a band born out of a rehab centre in Minneapolis. The best word to describe this record is schizophrenic. Keyboardists and sound mongers Aaron Zilch and Justin Fowler can easily and unexpectedly alter the tempo of any track on this record. Martin Cock's vocals can turn from a melodic whisper to a vicious scream on a dime, and often does, making it hard to distinguish them as coming from one source. Downright pretty piano intros lead listeners down a deserted, unbeaten path that takes the full 67-plus minutes of the disc to understand. Yet it may be that this band's onstage antics - Ozzfest 2001 witnessed flag burning and gunfire from this band - might overshadow the merits of American Head Charge. (Sony)