Amazon Has Started Making Its Own Guitar Pedals

Amazon Has Started Making Its Own Guitar Pedals
Every day feels more and more like life inside of a dystopia, and global mega corporation Amazon is certainly contributing to that vibe. Adding an even stranger layer to its world domination, the company has started manufacturing cheap guitar pedals.

The Amazon Basics line has launched a series of seven miniature guitar pedals. They're all incredibly cheap compared to their name brand counterparts, running between $24.99 and $42.99. 

Among them, you'll find pedals that include a Booster, Compressor, Delay, Distortion, Looper, Overdrive and, perhaps most necessary of all, a Tuner. 

It's weird enough that Amazon has launched this line of pedals, but even stranger is the fact that everyone seems to love them. The product reviews are glowing, and they've also gotten some decent reviews from the YouTube guitar pedal community.

Then again, with guitar sales breaking records in 2020 perhaps it was a savvy move to create some cheapo guitar pedals.