Almighty Punchdrunk Music For Them Asses

As their band and album name suggest, these folks from Vancouver don't take themselves too seriously, which is welcome in the all-too-serious world of cookie monster death metal. The Almighty Punchdrunk's most notable feature is drum legend Gene Hoglan (Death, Dark Angel) behind the skins, and he puts in a truly raging performance on this disc. Sixteen songs are laid to waste here in a mere 30 minutes, most at a high speed, with the band thrashing and punking it out like there's no tomorrow. The almost industrial-sounding production and general chaos just bleeds of Strapping Young Lad (Hoglan was a member). A sort of annoying, friends-only humour permeates a number of the songs, becoming the band's biggest setback. However, it also makes one respect them that much more; one suspects they know full well they could be a huge band if they lost that in-joke feel, but they probably just don't care.