Allen Dobb


BY Travis RicheyPublished Sep 1, 2005

Born in Alberta, Allen Dobb travelled south of our border and over the continental divide, before settling on Vancouver Island. Rosetown is Dobb’s third solo venture after two outings with his brother under Dobb and Dumela. His music is testament to his development as an individual and as a musician. There’s maturity here, a rooted-ness that has more to do with voice than it does geography. Dobb’s voice blows before the tumbleweeds of the Prairie’s less rooted, and less inspired "modern” musical foliage. Dobb’s songs are written with intention; simple in the way that country songs ought to be, but drawn from a universe of personal and collective experience. The songs on Rosetown stand on their own yet hold together like a bail of hay. This is an album where whimsy and harsh realities coexist, where a "Daydream” leads to a haunting "Moonlight Stroll.” Dobb’s song for the ill-fated Neil Stonechild, affects an appreciation for that balance. His achievements may be lost on the record-buying majority, but they will be appreciated by the discerning listener.

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