Alice Cooper Is Auctioning Off an Andy Warhol Original He Found in His Garage

"Little Electric Chair" is expected to fetch between $2.5 million to $4.5 million

Photo: Sharon Steele

BY Allie GregoryPublished May 14, 2021

Alice Cooper has rediscovered an Andy Warhol silkscreen in his garage and is now planning to auction the item off.

Warhol's 1964 "Little Electric Chair" silkscreen — which is taken from his "Death and Disaster" series — is expected to fetch between $2.5 million to $4.5 million USD at auction, which could make it the highest-selling artwork ever in Arizona.

"I'm surprised that it didn't get lost — we moved so many times," Cooper told Rolling Stone. "It just didn't fit in the house in Arizona. It's much more of a New York, L.A., or London thing."

He added: "Andy Warhol was very cool, but I think I was a little bit more of a Salvador Dalí guy. [Warhol's] New York gang — I wasn't used to it. I was more of a Detroit or L.A. guy. Getting used to the Warhol gang was a whole different thing. They were different breeds."

Cooper said he received the piece in the '70s as a birthday gift from his former girlfriend, Cindy Lang, who was friends with Warhol. The original price tag was around $2,500.

The auction is being organized by the Larsen Gallery in Scottsdale, and bidding will open on October 23. The gallery plans to donate a portion of the sale to Cooper's Solid Rock nonprofit

The rocker plans to make the piece available for public viewing ahead of the sale. For more information, visit the Larsen Art Action website

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