Alice Coltrane's 'A Monastic Trio' Gets Vinyl Reissue via Superior Viaduct

Alice Coltrane's 'A Monastic Trio' Gets Vinyl Reissue via Superior Viaduct
Close to 50 years after it first appeared, the late Alice Coltrane's avant-garde full-length debut A Monastic Trio is getting a vinyl reissue through Superior Viaduct.

Originally pressed up by Impulse! in 1967, this latest edition arrives through Superior Viaduct on April 29. While a few CD represses popped up in the '90s and most recently in 2004, this will be the first North American vinyl pressing since its initial release.

While pianist/harpist Coltrane (née Alice McLeod) had studied piano under Bud Powell, played with vibraphonist Terry Gibbs and performed with her husband John Coltrane, A Monastic Trio marks her first release as a band leader. Issued a year after the death of John Coltrane, the record's six compositions feel his presence, a press release notes, whether via his adopted Hindu name "Ohnedaruth" being used as a song title or because back-up musicians Jimmy Garrison, Rashied Ali and Pharaoh Sanders had been frequent collaborators with the saxophonist.

The set is described as fusing "spiritual free jazz and new age along with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel," all the while showcasing Alice Coltrane's piano and harp skills. Down below, you can hear her fluid, finger-rolling piano lines atop the meditative shaker rhythms of "I Want to See You."

In other Superior Viaduct news, the imprint will also reissue "grandmother of trip-hop" Leslie Winer's Witch on April 29. You can learn more about that release here.

A Monastic Trio:

1. Ohnedaruth
2. Gospel Trane

3. I Want To See You
4. Lovely Sky Boat
5. Oceanic Beloved
6. Atomic Peace