Alexisonfire Setting Sights on Farewell Shows, Dallas Green Says

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jul 6, 2012

Alexisonfire broke up close to a year ago, but it turns out that we may not have heard the last of the beloved post-hardcore group just yet. The band's Dallas Green (aka City and Colour) has revealed that they are in talks to play some proper farewell shows and formally bring the project to an end.

Green told Spinner that he and guitarist/singer Wade MacNeil, who now fronts Gallows, still speak regularly and have been mulling some proper Alexisonfire send-off shows.

"We've actually been starting to talk about doing some final Alexis shows because when we did play our last show nobody knew it was our last show," Green said. "Well, we knew it was our last show with me. But the guys sort of thought they were going to keep going and try something else and then Wade got asked to join Gallows and that was sort of the end of Alexisonfire. So we talked a long time ago about maybe doing just a couple shows to celebrate what Alexis was as opposed to have it fizzle out like it did."

As for what we can expect from the shows, Green isn't entirely sure, but he speculated, "I don't think we'll play arenas. It'll probably be a bunch of shows, probably be a bunch of nights at a smaller place. Maybe we'll play every record or maybe we'll do different set lists and stuff. It'll be more of a happy-go-lucky vibe than 'Hey, look at how big we were.' You know what I mean? It would be more about celebrating what we had and what we did and what we accomplished."

This doesn't come as a total surprise; when frontman George Pettit announced the band's breakup last year, he revealed that a farewell tour was a possibility, and Green later confirmed this. Green instigated Alexisonfire's breakup by quitting in order to focus on City and Colour, and Pettit said that the split was "not really" amicable.

These days, they are apparently on better terms.

"I think now all of the guys appreciate it a little more now than they did when it first happened and we're all pals and talking and stuff like that," Green said. "George and I go to Jays games and stuff when I'm home. Same with [bassist] Chris [Steele] and I saw [drummer] Beardo [Jordan Hastings] at a NXNE barbecue.

Green also confirmed plans for a future Alexisonfire reunion with Fuse, which you can see in the video below.

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