BY Greg PrattPublished May 16, 2012

A neat idea for a split here, and not just because those two band names sound so humorously similar. Oakland, CA Killing Joke/Neurosis/New Order enthusiasts Alaric do the goth-tinged apocalyptic rock thing well, with all the crust and doom overtones found on their cool Laughter of the Crows full-length intact. The meshing of all these influences into succinct songs that, in a better world, would be radio hits is fun indeed and their three new songs are all gold. Over to side B, Portland, OR death/doomsters Atriarch bring their black-tinged crust to two new tracks, harnessing the same vibe as their split compatriots, but without as much warbly guitar and "crying dude" atmosphere. Here, it's mainly "angry dude" atmosphere, all loud parts of Neurosis counteracting side A's quiet parts of Neurosis, with the end result being one very cool little split.
(20 Buck Spin)

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