Alan Braxe and Friends The Upper Cuts

Back in 1998, Stardust came out of nowhere and dropped "Music Sounds Better With You,” a potent cut of Euro disco-house that became the biggest dance hit of the year. Behind the mysterious Stardust and model airplanes were Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, singer Benjamin Diamond and one Alan Braxe, the man behind this impressive collection of club hits. Known more through his music than his name, Braxe is responsible for some of the last decade’s biggest house tracks, as well as remixing the likes of Britney Spears, Björk and most recently, Annie. The Upper Cuts gathers his own music to show just how much this man knows about packing a dance floor. His first single, "Vertigo,” may date back to 1996, but like his peers Daft Punk and their songbook, the track’s psychedelic disco thump is still in full effect. "Intro,” a big Euro hit he shared with Fred Falke in 2000, as well as 2002’s "Palladium,” is all about taking it back to the Paradise Garage and catching pure disco fever. Even when he breaks out of the disco-house mould and takes a stab at an ’80s club-style anthem, like on "Rubicon,” Braxe still has the golden touch. Though his mindset might be stuck in the age of Grace Jones, Studio 54 and Giorgio Moroder, Braxe is a master at tapping into a certain era and reviving it for those who’re either feeling a bit nostalgic or looking to see what all the fun was about. (PIAS)