Against Me! Against Me! - We're Never Going Home

A compelling documentary of a band awkwardly flirting with mainstream success, this well-constructed film also contains a set of live performances worth the price of admission. Chronicling a month-long tour with Planes Mistaken For Stars and No Choice, We're Never manages to capture all the tenuous and joyous moments, from locking Taking Back Sunday in their dressing room in Asbury Park, NJ, to being wined and dined by record execs in locales ranging from Chicago to New York. As a band with proud anarchist roots, Against Me! were at a particularly difficult point in their career at the time of the shooting. Having already taken a great deal of flak for signing to Fat, the band was being faced with a multitude of offers from labels like Universal and Virgin. Besides letting the viewer in on the tough decisions being made within the band, this DVD also includes a brilliant collection of live performances, helping to fill out the "talky" bits. Plus: deleted scenes, drinking game, photo gallery, extra songs, more. (Fat Wreck,