Advantage The Advantage

You knew it’d happen eventually, it’s just a colossal surprise it hasn’t until now. Sure, there are songs created with Gameboys or Nintendo systems, one-song covers included in original records, or as the silly portion of some band’s live show. But never this: an entire band dedicated to covering every Nintendo song ever created. Woah. I don’t care who you are, you are going to love this. With the absolutely accurate Spenser Seim, who places guitar notes perfectly in Hella, at the helm on drums, precision is a given. In fact, it’s probably what makes this daunting task run so smoothly — the band is ridiculously tight. Even for not-so-Nintendo-nerds, the songs are familiar and damn catchy. The band have a way of resuscitating the simple jingles into bigger, better life; "Mario 3 – Underworld” gets a hefty head-noddin’ beat that’ll probably give hip-hoppers the sample itch, "Goonies 2” is a perfect pop charmer, and "Batman 2” is a totally serious spy-style rock out. Kids of the ’80s rejoice! Irony has officially eaten itself and proclaimed everything you loved back then to be pure gold now! Spin that Megaman track one more time! (5RC)