Adria Kain Still In Love

Adria Kain Still In Love
One can sit and speculate on the reasons why Adria Kain isn't a bigger name, yet here we are. Most recently heard on rapper Sean Leon's Sean Leon (The Death of) project, the charismatic Toronto singer-songwriter has been subject to the ebbs and flows of a fickle business; the aptly titled Still In Love EP is reflective in sentiment while inspiring in terms of a fruitful future.
Working with producer Jack Rochon and running at four tracks in 11 minutes, Still In Love is a exercise in free form vibes, potent production and a "nothing to lose" mentality.
"L.I.M.B (Liquor In My Brain)" is a short opening interlude; the acoustic timbre and old-timey time signature to "True Love" makes no apologies to knowing what one wants in a lover; the bluesy "Blue" concedes to the never-smooth nature of love and "Unconditional" serves as a coda to the proceedings, a mission statement of perseverance and unflappability.
Still In Love speaks to be feeling happy and grateful, no matter what life throws in one's path. It's clear the multi-talented Adria Kain lives and breathes this creed — what else does she have to lose? (Independent)