Adlib and Rob the Viking Detail Collaborative Album

Adlib and Rob the Viking Detail Collaborative Album
Rob the Viking is known as a producer and DJ with Vancouver hip-hop survivors Swollen Members, and his latest project sees him teaming with his Battleaxe Warriors buddy Adlib for a collaborative release. We already knew that Teenagers from Marz would be out this spring, and now they've confirmed that it will arrive on April 21 through Sensi-Starr Records/Face Entertainment.

They recorded the collection at Chamber Studio in Vancouver, with contributing guests including Madchild, J.O the Last Man, Ali Armz, Skrewtape, Ghetto MC and UG.

"We wanted the record to sound organic so rather than just sending files back and forth through email, I flew out to Van City and we locked ourselves in the studio to create the EP. Working side by side in the lab allowed us to have a chemistry we could only get working hands on together," said Adlib in a statement. "Sonically we wanted to do something different, but we also didn't want to stray too far from what we're known for. I guess you could say this record has an organic sound, but at the same time it has this next-level amped-up type of power."

That's the freshly unveiled album art above and the tracklist below. Every song was produced by Rob the Viking and each one features Adlib (except, presumably, for the instrumentals). There are 12 tracks in all, four of which are instrumental versions of songs that also appear with vocals elsewhere on the album. The last two tracks originally appeared on Adlib's 2014 album The Highway.

Scroll down to check out Adlib's U.S. tour schedule.

Teenagers from Marz:

1. The Beginning (We Are)
2. Plastic Reality (ft. Burke the Jurke)
3. Destro (ft. DJ TMB)
4. Mars Attacks (ft. J.O the Last Man, Skrewtape, Ghetto MC, Ali Armz, DJ TMB)
5. New Breed (ft. Jessica Lamb)
6. The Beginning (We Are)
7. Plastic Reality (Instrumental)
8. Destro (Instrumental)
9. Mars Attacks (Instrumental)
10. New Breed (Instrumental)
11. Out of Step (ft. UG)
12. Beastmode (ft. Madchild)

Tour dates:

3/05 Port Townsend, WA - 20 Highway Roadhouse
3/06 Port Angeles, WA - Metta Room
3/07 Vancouver, WA - Malibu
3/08 Salem, OR - Tequila Nights Club
3/10 San Fransico, CA - 50 Mason Social
3/11 San Jose, CA - Back Bar SoFA
3/12 Redwood City, CA - Bobby D's
3/13 Gardenville, NV - Buckaroos
3/18 Twin Falls, ID - Hometown Sports
3/19 Salt Lake City, UT - Area 51
3/20 Rock springs, WY - The Elks Lodge
3/21 Denver, CO - TBA
3/22 Colorado Springs, CO - Speak Easy Vape Lounge
4/03 Philadelphia, PA - The Fire
4/04 Allentown, PA - Sportmans Café