The Adicts Life Goes On

Let it be known, the Adicts are the longest consistently running band in punk rock, spanning 33 years with all original members. Their A Clock Work Orange-inspired garb and wild stage show have long been staples of the British band's legacy, while their pop-laden tunes often distinguished them from the punk rock norm. With the acclaimed cult status the Adicts have achieved, Life Goes On acts as a retrospective for the punk veterans, celebrating their longevity and evolution, apparent on cheery opener "Spank Me Baby," with its chanting, pub rock-like choruses, while the band's infectious bubblegum pop hooks are in full force on the upbeat "I'm Not Scared of You" and "Over There." In a time when many defunct punk bands are reforming to cash in on the re-popularized genre, Life Goes On proves only the true diehards have what it takes to write and record new material. The Adicts are the real deal. (People Like You)