The Adam Brown

Metropolis, Montreal QC, September 21

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Matt BobkinPublished Sep 22, 2014

Having a common first name can be obnoxious at times, but imagine what it's like to know that there are dozens of you everywhere? How can you set yourself apart from the other John Smiths or Emma Joneses of the world? And, most importantly, what makes this Adam Brown the Adam Brown?

The answer is his music, which is whatever the power-pop equivalent to nerdcore is. Opening with "You're Supposed To," the rocking quartet made the most of their short set to the slowly growing crowd, featuring the eponymous singer rocking out on a mandolin designed to look like a little electric guitar. Upbeat, simple chord progressions, jangly hooks and harmonized "ooh-ooh" backing vocals were abundant, and led to a fun and entertaining set. Another highlight was "Jon Snow," named after and describing the adventures of the iconic Game of Thrones character, which was essentially Weezer's "In My Garage" by way of A.C. Newman: goofy, geeky and infectious as hell. While there may be many Adam Browns in the world, only one can rock out on mandolin and sing about fictional warriors set to catchy hooks like this guy and, for that, he has earned the title of "The."

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