Actual Water

'Call 4 Fun' (album stream)

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 25, 2014

Long-running Toronto power-pop act Actual Water are gearing up to release a new LP, Call 4 Fun, via Ben Cook's Bad Actors imprint next month. Rather than wait for its release, however, you can experience all of the fun now with an album stream.

In an email, Cook says there's "kind of a future hidden Toronto gem vibe on this one," and while we certainly hope it finds a large audience, he's right. The 23-minute release is packed with earworm melodies, rippin' riffs and timeless production. It's perfect power pop that exists whether you're ready for it or not.

Check out Call 4 Fun in full below. The album is available to pre-order here, with an expected ship date on July 3.

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