AC/DC to Retire over Health Concerns?

AC/DC to Retire over Health Concerns?
AC/DC have been rocking since the '70s, but could this be the end of the road for the beloved Australian riff-mongers? According to some reports, the group may be planning to announce their retirement imminently.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, since we learned just a couple of months ago that the band would be celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2014 with a tour and a new album. They apparently booked a block of time at a studio in Vancouver with plans to record a new album.

The Sydney Morning Herald, however, reports that the outfit may be announcing their retirement.

According to the paper, "Sources close to the band have confirmed that guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young, 61, has returned to Australia with his family. He is believed to be unable to continue playing, although there has not been any explanation why."

Furthermore, Australian entertainment commenter Peter Ford has said the band will be calling it quits. He tweeted, "there is a sad story behind all this that I have chosen not to report ...boys played together privately a few weeks back."

Rumours have suggested that Malcolm Young is sick, and this is why the band are retiring. Aussie blog The Orstrahyun reports that the guitarist recently suffered a stroke that left a blood clot in his brain.

At this point, however, all reports should be considered rumours, since nothing has been confirmed by the band.

Singer Brian Johnson revealed a couple of months ago that AC/DC had been keeping a low profile in recent years due to illness within the band, but he didn't specific details.