Abruptum Evil Genius

This is yet another reissue from Southern Lord, but it’s one that definitely warrants attention. Abruptum reached their artistic zenith early on, before diminutive front-man It (supposedly so evil he could not be referred to by a human name) exited the group due to threats made against his family by rival black metal musicians. His compatriot, errrr, Evil, steered Abruptum, as a one-man project, into more industrial/ambient waters later on, but on this reissue of their earlier material blackened, torturous noise is the clear focus. Mind you, Abruptum’s music can only be referred to as "black metal” in the vaguest sense — the "songs” presented here lack any coherent structure, melodies or riffs and will likely approach being unlistenable for even die-hard fans of the genre. As such, one should ideally experience Abruptum with the lights out, and with either razor blades or a competently tied noose at the ready. For sheer depressive noise and lo-fi recording, you can’t get much more excessive than this, Xasthur and company be damned. (Southern Lord)