Abominator Nuctemeron Descent

Wearing large spiked jewellery has come to symbolise those few heavily-touted, influential moments in a band’s career. The ever-precious memories of watching Emperor videos and admiring their breed of Satan-fuelled Aryan rock is a crossroads for many juvenile metal heathens. What sort of demented cognitive schema would look upon this genre considering its forefathers is an issue beyond the scope of this review but an idea to mull over nonetheless. Abominator lives up to their promise of annihilation and delivers super reverb, light speed psychotics. It seems like they forgot the keyboards and attempted to make up for it with a thousand extra guitar tracks. They have almost no direction and switch between riffs paying no regard to maintaining unity. The drumming is comprised of awful snare tones, loud cymbals and triggered double bass kicks. It endeavours but falls short of achieving that haunting chorus effect that made black metal the anthem to dusk. Perhaps the excessive sunlight on the Australian beaches leeched all the genuine nihilism out of their souls. (Osmose)