Aberfeldy Young Forever

Aberfeldy can’t possibly be for real. Young Forever is the debut of a Scottish band that wishes they were a band from the American West coast in the ’60s. The major problem (and flaw in logic) is that the members of Aberfeldy are Scottish; not exactly a country known for its sunshine. The results of that sort of synthesis produce a record that is insipiently poppy, sugar-coated and superficial. From beginning to end, Young Forever sounds like a Mini Pops record in its flagrant disregard for authenticity. Over production and dubious instrumentation further detract from what wasn’t even good songwriting to begin with. Aberfeldy may be the aural results of the Beach Boys taking a giant shit all over Scotland while tripping on acid. Happily, it’s all shit that can be washed away easily by the next Reindeer Section record. Induce vomiting if swallowed. (Rough Trade)