Aaron Booth Transparent

Aaron Booth is under-appreciated at best. Despite the calibre of his 1999 debut EP, and his continued enrolment in the Snailhouse army, his efforts have barely registered amongst indie kids in our country. But if all is right in the world, the release of his first full-length will finally gain him the attention he deserves. Transparent is a sincere, heartfelt portrayal of Booth's coming of age, a story that involves leaving his home, finding love and seeking comfort in the company of friends. Booth keeps things optimistic throughout, assembling a collection of love songs perfectly suited as the soundtrack to any young couple's fondest memory. The slow dance, the kiss goodbye, the walk down the isle, they're all here. Any one of Booth's compositions could easily assume that "our song" position every relationship needs, if only you lovebirds would take a moment to listen. A record like this can't help but warm your heart, as long as you let it in. (Boon Box Records)