Aarktica Bleeding Light

Bleeding Light is an odd mix of an album, but Aarktica, or Jon DeRosa to be specific, does manage to blend together parts of drone, indie and a smattering of raga in a surprising, striking fashion. "OJ Gude” and "A Wash A Sea Goodbye It’s Me” are the most straightforward songs on this album, with the former seemingly ripped from the songbook of the Two Minute Miracles, but the latter provides the most attractive song, if Aarktica seemingly takes the least amount of risks with it. It’s a shame that the generic indie song would be the single as there are other, non-linear songs that equally affect. "Night Fell, Broke Itself” uses a more free-form structure, allowing bursts of sax and drums to vamp around a Slint-esque guitar line. The raga does its subtle best in "A Shadow Knife (Draws the Bleeding Light),” with the drone gently lulling, but it makes way for some simple beats to turn the thing into a more electronic idea. Bleeding Light is brimming with thoughtful strong notes, but there is a tug between a full-blown love of eccentric drone and simple indie anthems that makes for a slightly disjointed album. Aarktica sounds wonderfully strong and unique; let’s just hope his indecision disappears from the follow-up. (Darla)