​The New Pornographers

TD Mainstage, Saskatoon SK, June 26

Photo: Alexandria Pavelich

BY Rory MacLeanPublished Jun 27, 2015

Despite the absence of members Dan Bejar and Neko Case, the New Pornographers had no problem delivering the goods to fans at the Bessborough Gardens Friday night (June 26). Though A.C. Newman and Kathryn Calder took some time to settle during the opener, the title track from 2014's Brill Bruisers, they were soon thoroughly in the groove.

It was a hot humid night, and moths swarmed the stage lights and around the band. "There's a bug slowly dying on my keyboard," said Calder.

"I don't mean to get all Buddhist on you, but bugs have a right to life, too, don't they?" replied Newman, working into some non sequitur about Game of Thrones.

The set was predominantly newer material — the anthemic "Dancehall Domine" was a highlight — but they sprinkled in a few of their older songs throughout the night, reaching all the way back to their debut album, Mass Romantic.

Perhaps stage banter isn't their strong suit, but their performance lived up to their reputation as one of Canada's indie rock powerhouses.

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