7Life "For What It's Worth"

Oshawa, ON, MC 7Life has obviously spent some time, like many heads, listening to Common's watermark long player Resurrection. His raspy voice, flow and conscious lyrics are reminiscent of the revered Chicago MC, but it's hard to hold that against him - it's better than trying to emulate an MC from the No Limit clique, after all. On this three-track effort, 7Life displays probing intellect, wisdom and a willingness to speak out, addressing a variety of topics. Lead track, "For What It's Worth," questions commercialisation of hip-hop, while "SIN-What Is It?" takes on the wider scope of the evil that men do over lead-heavy beats. As a Christian MC, his faith obviously informs his perspective, but never overwhelms it, and the melancholy "Everyday Struggle" is an honest appraisal, dealing with his own personal faults. Assisted by some top-notch production, this is a tight effort from 7Life, although he will need to make his influences a little less apparent to truly capitalise on the substantial promise shown here. (Independent)