70,000 Tons of Metal Boat Cruise Taking to the High Seas with Amon Amarth, Saxon, Sodom

70,000 Tons of Metal Boat Cruise Taking to the High Seas with Amon Amarth, Saxon, Sodom
Those who have always wanted to spend a bunch of cash to hit the high seas on a cruise while watching, and rubbing shoulders with, a ton of good metal bands are stoked: the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise has just announced the first 11 confirmed bands of the 40 total that will be performing on the ship.

The cruise, dubbed "the world's biggest floating heavy metal festival," is going to launch on January 24, 2011, for a five-day, four-night cruise of a lifetime, if going on a cruise with members of classic new wave of British heavy metal bands is your idea of the cruise of a lifetime. Which it should be.

The ship will depart from Miami and will arrive on the island of Cozumel, in Mexico; there will be indoor and outdoor shows, open mic nights and "bars that never close," according to the cruise's website. And, of course, considering you're on the boat with the bands, a chance to hang out with the band dudes and dudettes. Tickets for the event range from $666 to $1,399 (plus $249 for taxes).

And the 11 confirmed bands? They are Amon Amarth (Swedish followers of many things Viking), Epica (a little something for the ladies and goth fans on the boat), Finntroll (who are totally into getting drunk and pillaging, which might make for a good fit on the high seas), Raven (who have nothing to do with boats, the ocean or piracy, but are one of the greatest metal bands of all time), Saxon (classic Brit metallers/espousers of various modes of transportation in their lyrics; the band will be playing Wheels of Steel in its entirety one night and Strong Arm of the Law in its entirety on another), Sodom (who will be representing a more extreme form of thrash on this trip), Sonata Arctica (another one for the ladies), Stratovarius (melodic power metallers who, we must admit, would sound pretty good while drunk on a boat), Trouble (our pick for best band to see while combating seasickness; these mighty doom legends are possessors of riffs so heavy they could sink this damn vessel), Uli Jon Roth (right) and Witchburner (whose website, helpfully, decrees that they are "German thrash metal" right on the splash page!).

Shockingly, this isn't the first time a metal cruise has gone down: there was Shiprocked last year, with modern-day faves like Tesla, Skid Row and Queensr├┐che, and red rocker Sammy Hagar does an annual "Wabo Cruise."