5ive The Telestic Disfracture

Half experimental noise, half crushing doom chordage, Boston’s 5ive are a curious bunch. From the sheer volume of sound that emanates from this instrumental group, one might think that there’d be at least two guitarists. Wrong. Enter the mega-dynamic duo of guitarist Ben Carr (a true believer in the "wall of sound”) and drummer Charles Harrold (whose oversized kick-drum requires a custom-built road case). Not wandering far from the ambient Kyuss tip of their self-titled debut, The Telestic Disfracture liberally mixes "Careful With That Axe, Eugene”-era Pink Floyd with Kyuss’s Blues From The Red Sun, though this new album does add one major element to the mix: vocals. Two of the four tracks feature the ever-golden pipes of Milligram’s Jonah Jenkins, whose perfectly calculated wailings add another dimension to the proceedings. "Stockholm (Blues)” has Jenkins at his resonant best, each measure defined by his fluid, Wino-esque tenor. "Nitinol,” however, reverts back to Jenkins’ scream-y days with hardcore mavens Only Living Witness. "Shark Dreams” is a 17-minute echo fest of quiet/loud brooding that recalls similar moments from Neurosis or Mindrot, while the expanded suite "Synapse x 3” divides and conquers, with Mike Hubbard from neighbouring doom troupe Warhorse on guitar and bass. Ultimately, 5ive obliterate all preconceptions of song structure and give all self-absorbed stoner rockers a swift kick in the head. (Tortuga)